100WC-Week #24 Friendly Enemies by Yoanna

This Week's Prompt: …empty. What a surprise! 

Friendly Enemies

By Yoanna
It was my first day at my new school. I was lost in the unfamiliar maze of hallways. “Are you lost?” said a girl. “Hi, I’m Sasha. You’re new, right?” I nodded. “I have Literacy first.” “It’s the classroom right there,” Sasha said, pointing. I sprinted there and opened the door. The classroom was…empty. What a surprise! Had I misunderstood Sasha?! Hmm...I ignored my suspicions. I asked a passing teacher for directions. I darted upstairs, finally into the correct classroom. I was late! Then I saw Sasha. Smiling innocently! I scowled. This was competition? Wait until the real drama!


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