100WC-Week #22-Keep Your Family Healthy By Yoanna

This Week's Prompt: ...The vinegar was too sharp...

Keep Your Family Healthy

By Yoanna

I searched the pantry for a snack after school. The cookie jar was missing-poof! Hmm. I narrowed my eyes. The chocolate truffle box had vanished too. Gone were the chips and pretzels. I checked the sodas in the fridge...and in the place where they should have stood, were strange foods that may as well have been new foreign dishes from Timbuktu. Carrot sticks. Spinach juice. Tofu! I tasted a tiny drop of salad dressing out of curiosity…the vinegar was too sharp…I winced. My mom walked in, smiling. She carried a cookbook: Nutrition and Nourishment: The Ultimate Diet for Keeping Your Family Healthy!
Oh no!


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